Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production

Filming is great fun, but post-production work takes a lot longer than I expected.

So far, we've filmed 11 episodes and we'll be filming again this Friday at my cooking class. Out of the eleven episodes, we have three edited. Right now, I am currently working with a fabulous intern, Roxanne Harbitter, who is helping me edit the shows. She is attending NYU and majoring in Film and TV. This show could not be made possible without the help and dedication of my crew.

Photo: "Hosting Weekend Guests" episode. Me and Reggie Marston watching the play-backs.

Photo taken by Allison Dougherty

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thunderbroom said...

I am a former teacher of Roxanne Harbitter (my name is Mr. Rabach) and I would graciously welcome the opportunity to reconnect with her. If you have a way of contacting her, please pass on this note and ask her look me up on Facebook or on my school's website (http://www.apsva.us/swanson - Swanson Middle School in Arlington, VA). Thank you so much for your help.