Lauren DeSantis combines her passions for food and television in Capital Cooking with Lauren DeSantis, a television series and blog highlighting the culinary and cultural riches of cities around the globe. By incorporating dishes from the many ethnic cuisines, Lauren's cooking style is continually evolving. In each episode, Lauren takes viewers on a gastronomic journey to cook with the best chefs from around the world.
She is a lawyer by day and host/producer of her television show on the weekends. Lauren grew up in an Italian family in St. Louis, Missouri, where eating well was the key to every family gathering. She studied political science at Truman State University and later received a J.D. from Duke University School of Law.
Throughout her education, Lauren honed her cooking and entertaining skills by hosting numerous dinner parties with her girlfriends. After graduating from Duke Law, Lauren married her husband, Corey Then, and moved to Washington, D.C., to begin a career as an attorney.
Lauren is the mom to two girls and a boy.  They are already foodies in the making and love cooking.

Although her life has become increasingly hectic, she always makes time for cooking because it provides her an outlet for creativity and fun. She decided to pursue her dream by expanding her culinary knowledge and attending L’Academie de Cuisine. In addition to filming her show, she teaches cooking classes.  She is also the author of Capital Cooking Cookbook.  Not only is Lauren the editor of the Capital Cooking Show blog, but she writes for DC Culinary Travel Examiner,, Chowzter and W-USA 9.  She is also a frequent guest on Let's Talk Live.

Photos by Kristen Finn and Emily Clack