Thursday, August 30, 2012

Foodie Deals and Festivals: Kaz's Tasting Parade, Grape Festival and More

KAZ’s Tasting Parade:  Let Kaz design an extraordinary 8 course menu featuring creative and unique dishes(6 original small dishes, sushi and dessert)   $85. and up- reservations recommended.  (Ongoing).

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Eat With Your Eyes: Cioppino

From the Empire State, to San Francisco, to Sin City, to our nation’s capital – Executive Chef and Owner Emily Sprissler (Top Chef Season 2 contestant) and fellow chef husband Jason Cote opened Mayfair and Pine to feature a taste of their lives.  This American Gastropub pays a tribute to San Francisco with the seafood Ciopinno ($16 for a starter; $30 for main). 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Overview: Thunder Burger

Initial thoughts:
  • Design and Decor:  Rock and roll décor, including, a trendy bar, graffiti highlighted banquette, trendy booths, and an  ivy colored library room.

Perfect Pair: Spilled Milk meets Rhum Clement

For the 3rd Annual Capital Cooking Team Dinner, Spilled Milk Catering generously provided our crew with a taste of their new menu. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Brunching Rooftop Style: Masa 14

By Claire Goldman
Photos by Lauren DeSantis

There aren't enough great things I could say about Masa 14's Rooftop Brunch Menu and new head chef, Adam Goldman.  Capital Cooking received first class treatment and we were served mini portions of nearly every brunch menu item.  We had to be rolled down the stairs afterwards, but at least we could provide and informed review for our readers! 

Upcoming Events: Sunday Sangria Dinner, The Cheese Course

El Centro's SUNDAY SANGRIA DINNER: Dinner is served on the rooftop one day a week... that's Sunday. To make supper on the rooftop even more tasty, Carafes of Sangria are 1/2 price throughout the meal.  We call it Sunday Sangria Dinner.  5 PM-Close.  (Ongoing)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Eat With Your Eyes: Seared Lobster and Scallops with Ponzu Cream

Is your mouth watering?  You can find this Seared Lobster and Scallops with a Ponzu Cream Sauce at Sushi-Ko in Chevy Chase.  

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Around the Globe: Broiled cod with brandade and crayfish butter

During our time in the beautiful city of Fjallbacka, Sweden, we stopped off at Bryggan Fjallbacka to cook with the chefs. They showed me how to make a delightful cod dish and we shared many laughs along the way.  Enjoy!

Frozen Treats of Summer: Captain Cookie's Ice Cream Sandwich

Captain Cookie Truck.  Photo by Stephanie Doherty Wilkinson
Every Thursday I eagerly await the tweet from Captain Cookie, notifying me that their location will be at Union Station as it is every Thursday.  At 11 AM, I can barely contain my excitement to wait for an acceptable time to order one of their fantastic ice cream sandwiches.  In the case of my colleague and I, we manage to tough it out until 12 noon knowing that cold, creamy, vanilla and rich chocolate ice cream on warm, freshly baked, chocolate chip cookies and snicker-doodles await us. It is hot and cold, crunchy and chewy all at the same time.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cheers to Beer: No-Li

What was formerly known as the Northern Lights Brewing Company has now been renamed and re–branded No-Li Brewhouse. No-Li will produce 22-ounce bottles as well as draft brands in three styles that are an extension of Spokane and the culture of World Expo ’74 that energized the local economy: Born and Raised IPA, Crystal Bitter and Silent Treatment. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Thinking of Drinking: 901 Melon Martini

Looking for the next great cocktail? The Melon Martini at 901 Restaurant and Bar marries the refreshing taste of summer with party tricks that are sure to impress. Capital Cooking has the exclusive recipe so you can try it at home!

Thinking of Drinking: Thyme Gimlet

I was inspired to make this Thyme Gimlet after having cocktails this week at Cafe Dupont.  You'll love the earthy herbal combination with citrus.  Cheers!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Recipe: Flaming Bananas

More rum recipes for National Rum Day.  Celebrate by making Les Bananes Flambees.  Who doesn't love flaming bananas!?

Recipe: Rum Ice Cream

Cool off on National Rum Day with Chef Mallory Staley from 1789's Rum Ice Cream.

Top 7 Best Bites from Sweden

I ate my way through Sweden and tasted some amazing dishes along the way.  Here are my favorites:

The seafood feast at Everts Sjobod including:  oysters, crab, mussels, shrimp and cray fish.

5 Delicious Rum Cocktails

Happy National Rum Day!  Celebrate with these 5 delicious cocktails.

The Rum Swizzle:  Bermuda's National Drink

Recipe: Banana Rum Cheesecake topped with a Caramel Rum Sauce

Happy National Rum Day!  I stopped by Cashion's Eat Place and had an amazing meal, including a banana cheesecake.  I liked it so much that I decided to go home to try to make it.  It turned out delicious.  Hope you enjoy!

Upcoming Events: Chile Relleno Festival, Restaurant Week and More!

La Sandia's Chile Relleno Festival:  As Chef Richard Sandoval embarks on his third culinary festival at La Sandia this year, he revisits one of Mexico’s most signature dishes, Chile Relleno, or “stuffed chile.” This August, for a limited time, guests can taste four bold, new preparations of Chile Relleno that showcase modern adaptations of this traditional dish. Using a variety of sauces, peppers and fillings, The Chile Relleno Festival at La Sandia is designed to excite diners and to re-introduce them to La Sandia’s culinary style. (Ongoing throughout August)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Swedish Safari Part Deux: Oysters

Swedish oysters are like the U.S. women’s gymnastic team – a rare mix of power and elegance that combine to make them the world’s best.

Eat with Your Eyes: Monkey Bread

Is your mouth watering?  You can find Aunt Rhonda's Monkey Bread at the Daily Grill for free with your brunch.  Come hungry and leave completely satisfied. 

On the Road Again: Cheddar Heaven

A recent trip to the West Coast took me to one of the greatest places on earth, the Tillamook Cheese Factory.  Nestled in the beauty of the Oregon Coast, about a hour and a half west from Portland, Tillamook cheese is a dairy lover's dream.  Cheeses, ice creams, fudge and a cafe, follow up an in-depth look at Tillamook's cheese making process and history. Producing cheese for over 100 years leads to greatness and many Tillamook cheese are award winners including its cheddar.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Just a few of my favorite things

Tonewood maple seasoning is delicious on summer squash and also pork chops.

Around the Globe: Beet and Apple Salad

On our last day in Sweden, we stopped for a visit in Malmo.  We were greeted by the lovely Mia Klitte to experience A Slice of Swedish Hospitality

Birthday Dinner for Julia Child at Cafe Dupont

Happy Birthday Julia!  Julia Child was that unique creature of rarified talent and refined skill in French cooking, who also possessed deep reserves of jollity, generosity, and humanity. She was born one hundred years ago, come August 15, 2012.

Perfect Pair: Open Kitchen

Initial Thoughts:
  • Design and Decor: Small and inviting, with tons of natural light. The seating is split about half and half between the outdoor patio, and the indoor seating with a few high top tables located indoors. A seat at the counter directly in front of the open kitchen is a prime spot for engaging in the full "behind-the-scenes" experience that Open Kitchen is known for, but flat screen televisions let you see all the action inside the kitchen even when you are not seated at the counter 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Best Brunch in DC: Lauren's Picks

Photo by Emily Clack
DC has some great brunch spots.  Here are some of my favorites:

The Pig's Shrimp and Chorizo Hash with Duck Eggs is divine!  Every dish we tried was totally tasty.  The Bloody Mary cocktails are made with cucumber infused vodka and house-made mix.  They taste like gazpacho in a glass.  Yum!  The French toast is OMG-good, but also super rich so might be best to share.  I love their Fried Green Tomatoes with Rabbit Confit.  The entire menu leaves your mouth watering.  

Around the Globe: Cod Carpaccio

During our time in Sweden, we stopped off for a visit to the water tower in Ystad to cook with Chef Olle Ahnberg.  Chef Olle showed us how to make his Cod Carpaccio with shallots, olive oil, lemon and parmesan.  This dish is simple and delicious.  Enjoy!

Last Chance to win dinner for 2 at Station 4 and 2 Nats Tix!

August is National Peach Month and every time I think about peaches, I think of The Presidents of the United States of America "Peaches" song.   You will find close to a million peaches at Station 4 this month. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Thinking of Drinking: Summer Sangria

I love the taste of Sangria in the summer.  Try this recipe for some refreshing flavors!

Thinking of Drinking: Bang Key Lime Martini

Two of my favorite things are cocktails and dessert. When I can have the two combined I’m even happier! The Bang Key Lime Martini at 901 Restaurant and Bar is a frothy and decadent martini that is a perfect substitute for dessert. Try one at home tonight.

Thinking of Drinking: Blue Lychee Martini

Have you ever heard of the Lychee fruit? I hadn't either until we filmed our Asian-Fusion episode at Ping by Charlie Chiang’s in 2008.  I enjoyed lots of lychee in Taiwan.  The fruit tastes similar to a grape and is perfect for an Asian style cocktail. It is actually a tropical fruit tree native to Southern China.

Thinking of Drinking: Cloudy Day

It isn't always fun to wake up to a cloudy day on a Friday.  Don't worry... with a few sips of this Cloudy Day Cocktail, all of your troubles will melt away!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thank you DC Spotlight Newspaper!

DC Spotlight Newspaper named me as one of the top 10 most interesting people in Washington.  What an honor!  I appreciate the kind words.

Around the Globe: Villa Sjotorp

We hopped on a plane from Dulles International Airport and, about 9 hours later, arrived in Gothenburg.  We were greeted by our lovely host, Emelie Persson and her friend Hannah.  We loaded our belongings into the safe and dependable Volvo and headed north to the Villa Sjotorp in Ljungkile. 

Upcoming Events: Restaurant Week, National Rum Day and More!

Summer Picnic Series:  About a year ago, Hosan Lee came to Washington, DC to design and launch Number 68 Project, a creative social experiment that used the dinner party as a vehicle to bring people together and get beyond the chit chat. These sold-out dinners caught the attention of The New York Times, the Post, Eater, the influential global trend forecaster PSFK, and others.  From that test, she is now organizing a 9-week Summer Picnic Series to launch her new company, TableTribes. Every Sunday evening through August 26, internationally renowned thought leaders and DC's top chefs and mixologists will share their unique insights on a different topic concerning the collective human experience.  Invitations to the Series are issued based on an application, with hard-hitting questions like how one's life might taste as a pie. The application is meant to be fun (clearly) and the event is not meant to be "exclusive"--the idea is to get a group of interesting and interested people together each Sunday for awesome unfussy food on blankets and spirited conversation.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Eat With Your Eyes: Street Corn

Is your mouth watering?  Well, it should be!  You can find this buttery and cheesy street corn for only $4 at El Chucho.  This corn will leave you yearning for more, I promise.  I've been dreaming about sinking my teeth into another cob since my last visit. 

El Chucho Cocina Superior on Urbanspoon

Hello Cupcake Launches Celebration Cakes

The cupcake trend doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon, as cupcakes are now replacing cakes at many events. However, if you prefer the traditional method of slicing a cake with the ability to make the slice as big or small as you want it and the ability to choose between the middle piece or the edge piece, with just the right amount of frosting for your tastes, Hello Cupcake now has the perfect treat for you (and your friends, family and co-workers) with their new line of Celebration Cakes.

Around the Globe: Bubble Tea

During our time in Taipei, we visited Ten Ren's Tea to learn the art of making bubble tea (recipe below).  Ten Ren Tea Company is the largest and best known tea manufacturer in the Far East.   Bubble tea, also known as pearl (milk) tea or boba (milk) tea, is a Taiwanese tea drink that originated from tea shops in Taichung, Taiwan during the 1980s.  This was my first taste of the delicious bubble tea drink. Try some at home of find a nearby shop.  

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

First Taste: Yo! Sushi

Yo! Sushi's first U.S. location officially opened for business inside Union Station on Wednesday, July 25th, and I had the opportunity to sample at least a dozen of their dishes at a grand opening party the evening before. For more info about How to Order at Yo! Sushi, you can visit my earlier post, but for an idea of what's available to order, stay on this page. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Thinking of Drinking: Climate Change

Johnny's Half Shell, located at 400 North Capitol Street, NW, recently debuted their newly renovated patio and refreshing new summer cocktails, featuring all-American, handcrafted spirits.  

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Upcoming Events: Hula at Hank's and More!

Chef/Owner Jamie Leeds of Hank’s Oyster Bar and Lounge is excited to host her first annual Hula Hank’s Luau on Saturday, August 4th.  Priced at $75 per person, guests will enjoy unlimited grilled oysters, shrimp, three whole roasted suckling pigs (each weighing twenty-five pounds), and a variety of sides.  Additionally, Mikala Brennan from the Hula Girl Truck ( will be serving chicken skewers and a pineapple upside-down cake from the truck parked directly outside the restaurant on Q Street, NW.  Guests will receive an honorary tiki mug to take home, as well as six drink tickets, which can be redeemed for tiki-themed libations.  Standouts include the Maitai, a blend of several different rums, Orange Curacao, house made orgeat syrup, and fresh lime juice; the Hawaii to Martinique, a blend of Rhum Agricole, passion fruit syrup and fresh lime juice; the Hank’s Reef, a blend of rums, Averell Damson Gin, house made grenadine, and fresh citrus juices, and the Scorpion Bowl, made with a blend of citrus juices, house made orgeat syrup, rum, and brandy.  The Hank’s Reef and the Scorpion Bowl can serve up to four people.  A selection of beer will also be available.  Tickets are on sale at

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Menu Planning: Summer Gathering

We still have one month of summer left so don't let it slip away.  Gather your friends for a summer party.  Sometimes it is fun to serve a bunch of appetizers so you can try many different dishes.  These bites can be made in advance.

Eat With Your Eyes: Fraisier

Is your mouth watering?  You can find this delectable Frasier made with fresh strawberries, mousseline cream, and genoise for $6 at Tel'Veh.