Wednesday, July 23, 2008

5 Stations in 5 Months

Before we started filming, I started contacting stations and asking them about the requirements to submit my show; I submitted my proposal to Fairfax and DCTV and it was approved. I have to submit my episodes each month and meet the deadlines of each station. We are currently trying to "bicycle" the show to stations all across the country. We have had some success with our distribution process. Since production began, Capital Cooking has been distributed to five television stations across the country.

Capital Cooking airs on Comcast Channel 95 and RCN Channel 10 in DC, Cox Cable Channel 10 in Fairfax, Access Montgomery TV 19 and 21 in Maryland, KDHX Channel 21 and 22 in St. Louis, Missouri, The Peoples Channel 8 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, as well as The show reaches approximately 1.6 million households in DC, Maryland, Virginia, Missouri and North Carolina.

Your location not listed? Help expand our coverage.

Local residents can put a program on the in their community! Anyone willing to act as the program's "sponsor" may bring a tape to their public access station each month.

If you would like to sponsor Capital Cooking in your area, first check with your public access channel or cable operator. (There is generally no charge for this service). Contact to arrange for delivery of the DVD.

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