Monday, July 21, 2008

Trip to Five Guys Restaurant

Amy is a student at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri. She is here for the summer interning at my firm and she took a trip to Five Guys for the first time last week. Her experience is recounted below.

Five Guys, Georgetown location

By Amy Lessman

Getting inside was a little difficult because of the people scooping shelled peanuts out of the giant box next to the door, but I finally made it past them and was able to place my order at the counter. The menu’s not too difficult, as long as you don’t like to have options. You have a selection of burgers, big and small; a selection of fries, Cajun or regular; and then a choice of drink, 24oz soft drink or... water. Basically, choosing condiments is more difficult than choosing your actual meal.

After my number was called, I carried my grease-stained, brown, paper bag back to my table and suspiciously opened it up.

Surprisingly, the burger was delicious, as well as the Cajun fries. Despite the torn leather booth and the cracked peanut shells lining the floor, the food was full of flavor, not to mention reasonably priced!

This place is not the type of place to take a first date or to have dinner with your parents. Ironically, its name is fitting to the atmosphere: Five Guys is a little messy, kind of awkward, simply decorated, but definitely a meal you’ll enjoy!
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