Thursday, July 31, 2008


My mom is the one who got me interested in cooking. She started cooking at a young age with my grandmother. It was a lot of work to feed a family of eleven so my mom learned fast in the kitchen. She passed down some of the Italian traditions to me. My nana would also cook for my sister and I when she would babysit us. It was always our favorite. Back home, if you are an Italian woman, you usually love food and also like to cook.

I don't have any prior television experience and I'm not a professionally trained chef, but I haven't let that hold me back. I've been cooking at home most of my life. I love food and cooking shows so I had been wanting to do this for a long time. I've also taken several cooking classes focused on different International Cuisine. Cooking for me has a lot to do with is really about enjoying food with family and good friends. Most of my favorite memories involve home-made food shared with loved ones. It is great if you have the fancy techniques, but what is most important is for the food to taste good. Follow your dreams and your taste buds!

Happy Birthday to My Sister Linsey!!

Photo of Nana and Me.

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