Friday, October 17, 2008

Food Bloggers Challenge: Meet Alison

Don't forget that Capital Cooking will be filming the Food Bloggers Challenge: Comfort Food soon. Join Lauren and four other food bloggers as they compete in making the best Chicken Potpie. A panel of judges will determine the winner along with votes from readers and viewers.

1. Lauren DeSantis: Host and Producer of Capital Cooking
2. April Fulton: Food Scribe
3. Stefanie Gans: Endless Simmer
4. Alison McConnell: Humble Gourmand
5. Johnna Rowe: Johnna Knows Good Food

1. Kate Nerenberg: Washingtonian Magazine
Patrice Olivion: L'Academie de Cuisine
3. Mystery Judge
4. Readers and Viewers

You've met Johnna Rowe. Now it is time to meet Alison McConnell...
Alisons a D.C.-based freelance food journalist who went to school in Maine and London before settling in our nation's capital. She is a student of L'Academie de Cuisine and edits The Humble Gourmand, a monthly online publication featuring recipes, restaurant reviews, wine and beer columns, and a blog, Victuals and Vittles.

Alison says...
DC Cuisine a mixed bag, which I love. The Washington restaurant scene is burgeoning in a very exciting way. After living here 4 years, I have favorites in most neighborhoods, but there seem to be new spots cropping up every day.

How Alison started blogging...
I started The Humble Gourmand as an online home for my own writing, and along the way some very motivated friends and strangers came out of the woodwork to offer their talents. We publish the first Friday of every month and update the blog (Victuals and Vittles) in between, with food news, links to good articles, and random musings.

Her favorite Food Network Show...
I adore Ina Garten's food. I don't get to watch her show often -- and clearly I lack the house in the Hamptons -- but her recipes are straightforward, easy to follow, and turn out beautifully every time.

Her other favorite Comfort Food...
Macaroni and cheese, with plenty of extra-sharp cheddar. Dense crust of crumbled Ritz crackers and butter on top. Takes me right back to being a kid -- it's my mom's recipe, after all -- and the only thing I do differently now is spike it with hot sauce.

As we are leading up to the competition, you will get a chance to meet all of the challengers to see who you want to be the Food Blogger Challenge Winner! The race is close and the stakes are high. If you'd like to attend, email me at

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