Monday, October 6, 2008

Food Bloggers Challenge: Meet Johnna

Get Ready for the Food Bloggers Challenge: Comfort Food. Join Lauren and four other food bloggers as they compete in making the best Chicken Potpie. A panel of judges will determine the winner along with votes from readers and viewers.

1. Lauren DeSantis: Host and Producer of Capital Cooking
2. April Fulton: Food Scribe
3. Stefanie Gans: Endless Simmer
4. Alison McConnell: Humble Gourmand
5. Johnna Rowe: Johnna Knows Good Food

Meet Johnna Rowe...
Johnna Rowe is an attorney in Washington, D.C. Johnna turned her love of food into a food based website, "Johnna Knows Good Food" The site is dedicated to all things related to food: recipes, drink mixes, restaurant reviews, food/drink events, etc. In 2008, Johnna expanded her interest in food to the catering business and has now begun accepting offers to cater local events. When not writing or cooking, Johnna loves to read celebrity gossip blogs, research real estate and travel.

Johnna says...
DC cuisine represents the wide range of cultures that frequent the city yearly. Each year new restaurants are added and are evidence of the constant changes that are happening here.

How Johnna started blogging...
I started food blogging after realizing how much I really liked telling people about different restaurant experiences I had around the city and elsewhere. Additionally, many people wanted to know the recipes of different things I make, so I figured this would be an easy go-to spot for all my recipes.

Her favorite Food Network Show...
My favorite Food Network Show is Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee. I like Sandra Lee because she does both food and drinks in every episode. Her dishes are easy to make on a budget and quick for the person who doesn't have alot of time but wants lots of flavor.

Her other favorite Comfort Food...
If we weren't making chicken pot pie...hands down, I would've made some pretty delicious mac n' cheese;-)

As we are leading up to the competition, you will get a chance to meet all of the challengers to see who you want to be the Food Blogger Challenge Winner! The race is close and the stakes are high. If you'd like to attend, email me at

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