Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Food Bloggers Challenge: Meet Lauren

Sunday is the day…Capital Cooking will be filming the Food Bloggers Challenge: Comfort Food. Join Lauren and four other food bloggers as they compete in making the best Chicken Potpie. A panel of judges will determine the winner along with votes from readers and viewers.

1. Lauren DeSantis: Host and Producer of Capital Cooking
2. April Fulton: Food Scribe
3. Stefanie Gans: Endless Simmer
4. Alison McConnell: Humble Gourmand
5. Johnna Rowe: Johnna Knows Good Food

Chef Vincent Horville: The Metropolitan Club
Patrice Olivion: L'Academie de Cuisine
3. Nycci Nellis
4. Readers and Viewers

You've met Johnna Rowe, Alison and April. Hopefully you’ve met me in St. Louis and on many of my other episodes, but if not, now is your chance.

Lauren DeSantis is the CEO of DeSantis Productions, LLC that produces the public television series, Capital Cooking with Lauren DeSantis. She is a lawyer by day and host/producer of her television show on the weekends. Lauren grew up in an Italian family in St. Louis, Missouri, where eating well was the key to every family gathering. She studied political science at Truman State University and afterwards received a J.D. from Duke University School of Law. Throughout her education, Lauren honed her cooking and entertaining skills by hosting numerous dinner parties with her girlfriends. After graduating from Duke Law, Lauren married her husband, Corey Then, and moved to Washington, D.C., to begin a career as an attorney. Although her life has become increasingly hectic, she always makes time for cooking because it provides her an outlet for creativity and fun. By incorporating dishes from the hundreds of national and international cultures represented in Washington, D.C., Lauren's cooking style is continually evolving. Her television show, Capital Cooking, began airing May 2, 2008 and explores recipes from the top DC chefs as well as cooking with DC insiders from various industries. Capital Cooking hopes to share Lauren's passion by providing you with recipes and tips to prepare great meals with great friends. In addition to filming her show, she also teaches cooking classes at Arlington Adult Education.

DC Cuisine...
Some say seafood, others recognize the half-smoke, but I think DC is a melting pot of culture and cuisine… from ethnic food to regional favorites. Capital Cooking tries to capture the essence of the culinary world of our nation’s capital.


I started the Capital Cooking Show blog in conjunction with my television show. The blog is a way to add to topics covered on the show and more. I feature recipes, food events, wine pairings, etc.

Food Network Show...

My favorite Food Network Show is Tyler’s Ultimate. He is an excellent chef and the food always tastes amazing. I also love the camera angles and colors of the set.

Comfort Food...
One of my most favorite comfort foods is Lasagna (I am Italian). I love cheese!!!! I still think my mom makes the best, but mine isn’t far behind and every time I make it, I’m reminded of home.

Make sure you don't miss this awesome episode!

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