Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tune in to Capital Cooking today on Colours TV: Taste of Morocco

Starting November 5, 2009, Capital Cooking with Lauren DeSantis began airing on Colours TV Network. It now airs every Thursday from 2:00-2:30 p.m. Find all of the schedule at:

CoLours offers multi-cultural and multi-ethnic programming highlighting educational and cultural issues of African, Asian, Latin, and Native Americans. For further information visit their website at Watch Capital Cooking on the Dish Network channels 9396 and 9407. CoLours is currently available on cable from the following carriers: Time Warner, Comcast, Insight, NCTC and Cox .

This week Lauren will start off with the famous, Chicken Tagine, a chicken entrée based on a Moroccan spicy stew that simmers in a special pot called the tagine. The stew will consist of tomatoes, garlic, onion, preserved lemons, and chicken stock that makes this Moroccan dish authentic. As a complement for the Chicken Tagine, DeSantis will make cous cous with chicken broth and some of the juices of the tagine.

As the chicken dish simmers, Lauren will teach how to bake the famous Moroccan Serpent Cake. This famous Moroccan dessert is a crescent-shaped pastry coiled like a snake and made of an almond paste finely rolled up in filo dough. Lauren will also show how to make Amlou, a typical Moroccan breakfast dish that consist of a roasted almond paste spread over pita bread. DeSantis will bring it all together by serving these dishes with the Casablanca Cocktail, a distinctive Moroccan drink.

Within the upcoming weeks of November, tune into episode Mexican Fiesta. Watch each episode and learn from the pros how to make delectable food right in your home. Lauren makes recipes fun and easy to prepare for anyone with any level of cooking.

For more information about this episode or the Capital Cooking series, please contact Lauren DeSantis at

Photo by Shauna Alexander


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