Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fun at the Smorgie Launch Party at Reserve

Smorgie is not just some half-baked idea! Smorgie’s creators are passionate people who love to eat and kept talking about how hard it was keep track of every dining experience in every city you’ve visited.

After many months of planning, designing, and eating, Smorgie was born. A collaboration between Gannett’s Design and Innovation team, Spring Partners, and Lingospot, Smorgie is the new, totally free way to organize your favorite eating experiences.

Smorgie is a new tool that lets you save and share lists of your favorite places to eat.
Smorgie recently had a launch party at the Reserve bar.
Reserve has a great upstairs space for private events.
The appetizers were pretty favorite was the cheese empanadas with the guacamole dipping sauce. I tried to go back to Reserve for lunch, but I was told that they no longer serve lunch and do not open until 4 p.m.

Photos by Shauna Alexander

(202) 628-8900
1426 L St NW
Washington, DC 20005

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Sylvie said...

Thats too bad they don't serve lunch because its so close to my office. I liked the tuna on toast.

Essie said...

Boycott this restaurant! Give your business to a responsible establishment.

The owner of the Reserve restaurant, Moe Hamdan, has refused to pay several former employees the wages they are owed. These workers have filed a case at the Wage and Hour Office, but the owner has ignored repeated requests to meet to resolve the situation. According to a former manager at the Reserve, Hamdan repeatedly "used workers wages for his own private expenses" while short-changing or not paying employees. Workers came to DC Jobs for Justice for help after not being paid for six months by Hamdan, who they say owes them close to $10,000. Wage theft is a crime. Please let Mr. Hamdan know that it will not be tolerated in the District of Columbia.

For more information, contact: Arturo Griffiths, DC Jobs with Justice at 202-445-0411

Capital Cooking said...

Thanks for your comment!