Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Co Co. Sala Opens Chocolate Boutique

With a "cut" of the chocolate ribbon, Co Co. Sala opened its new chocolate boutique. As evidenced by the number of people who attended last night's reception, Co Co. Sala is DC's favorite chocolate lounge. Given the success of the restaurant, it was only natural a boutique would follow. 

A tasty selection of cheeses, crackers, and chutneys. 

Chocolate cigars and a drinkable berry dessert. 
The chocolate boutique is 200 square feet and is complete with glass display cases to showcase the beautiful chocolate creations of  Executive & Pastry Chef Santosh Tiptur and co-owner Nisha Sidhu. 

Award-winning architect and designer Alex Hurtado of Collective Architecture explains, “Having worked together with Nisha in the design of the original Co Co. Sala, we understood that we needed to create a space that would reflect the level of detail that is put into their chocolate confections.  In the same manner that Co Co. Sala crafts chocolate into a sculpture, we have crafted functional objects in the space that float and morph into a clean modern whole.  All of these smaller pieces become a clean backdrop for the art that is their chocolate.” 

Find your favorite artisanal chocolates at the new boutique, such as: Banana Ginger, Rosemary Caramel, Chipotle, Peanut Butter & Jelly, and Mango Lassi. Chef Tiptur makes an effort to honor holidays with his festive seasonal creations, such as the Somethin’ Pumpkin Bar, Om chocolate bars dusted with edible gold to celebrate the Hindu holiday Diwali, and Champagne-Infused Chocolate Ganache perfect for celebrating that special occasion. Customers can also pre-order custom logo chocolate bars or chocolate boxes to be used for special occasion favors or corporate gifts.

The artisanal chocolates can be purchased individually or wrapped and packaged in a keepsake signature gift box: four pieces for $10, eight pieces for $20 and 16 pieces for $40.

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