Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Restaurant Review: Buddha Bar

After reading the reviews on Buddha Bar, I was pretty hesitant about trying it out but decided to give it a shot after receiving a gift card.

Drinks: Phenomenal. I tried Euphoria and my boyfriend sipped on the Wasabi, which was not that spicy. Euphoria was nice and sweet and tasted exactly as you'd expect it to.

Main Course: I dined on the Filet Mignon served on a hot stone, allowing the meat to continue cooking. Delicious. Perfectly cooked. Juicy. Everything you love about red meat was sitting in front of me. My boyfriend tried the pineapple curry. He said it was good but felt it was overpriced. According to him, he could easily go to Mai Thai and get bigger portions for half the cost.

Dessert: Never one to forget dessert, we sampled the liquid chocolate cake. Yum!

Service: Our waiter was attentive throughout the entire dinner; however, after a large party arrived, he became consumed with their table. I understand the stress involved but we were ready to leave 20 minutes before he finally ran our card.

Ambiance: I really enjoyed just being inside the restaurant and it felt as if we were not in DC. After dinner, I was actually disappointed to leave.

Buddha Bar

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