Monday, March 14, 2011

Food and Fun 2011 in Iceland

Photo by Sigurjon Ragnar
The world acclaimed Food and Fun festival is an international gastronomical festival that attracts chefs and guests from all over the world to come to Reykjavik, Iceland and join up with the restaurant scene and participate in a cooking event where the Icelandic natural and healthy food is combined with a lot of fun.  This year I was one of the judges for the competition.

Iceland is known for it‘s fresh fish, free ranged and unique lamb and the smooth organic dairy products which are considered as one of the finest in the world. All grown sustainably in the clean surroundings of the green, unspoiled natural island of Iceland in the middle of the blue Atlantic ocean. Combine it with Icelandic outdoor adventure, the famous Reykjavik nightlife and it‘s restaurants and we get the great sweet – everlasting Food and Fun Festival. A good time that is hard to forget.

Chefs from both US and Europe come to Iceland and team up with local restaurants where they make gourmet menu in collaboration with their assigned restaurant. I was part of the international jury of world celebrated chefs to judging their cooking.  We selected 3 chefs as finalists and Matti Jamsen won  Food and Fun chef of the year. 

Reykjavik is full of action. All restaurants are full of life – the aroma of finest cooking skills is in the air. The atmosphere is vibrant, joyful and friendly. 

Throughout the week I will fill you in on the experience with beautiful photos and our Capital Cooking Iceland Travel Show coming soon.  We truly had a wonderful time in Iceland and can't wait to return again for more food and fun!

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