Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Iceland: Grilled

For our third restaurant of the evening at Food and Fun in Iceland, Guest Chef Chris Parsons from Massachusetts started us off with a plate of art featuring Icelandic Arctic char at Grilled.  With a delicate taste and rosy flesh, Icelandic arctic char is a light and refined alternative to salmon.  It is one of the northernmost fresh water fish found in Iceland.  Chris did an excellent job with the presentation.

The use of hormones in livestock is forbidden in Iceland and sheep and lambs roam freely on the mountain meadows each spring. Icelandic mountain lamb is said to be the best in the world, lean, with a purity of flavor attributable to the grazing land’s mixture of grass, moss and berries.  Chris prepared us a mountain lamb with celery root and North Eastern Cedar.
For dessert, Chris made skyr with raspberries and black pepper.  It was almost like eating a fruit roll-up on top of the skyr, but really tasty.  Yes, we were getting extremely full after eating amazing meals at three restaurants, but the evening was just beginning at Postbarinn.  Postbarinn is a fun bar where all of the chefs meet up to socialize and experience the Icelandic nightlife.  Skaal!

Photos by Emily Clack

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