Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Functional Gourmet Food

Eating fast food because it's the only convenient option is no longer an acceptable excuse for those in DC with Litestars now in the neighborhood.

Owner, Annie Leconte started the healthy bistro several months ago, but her vision goes way back. Originally from Normandy, France, Leconte says she has always enjoyed cooking healthy meals for her friends and family, but when she moved to DC, nutritious options were limited. After attending both American University and George Washington University, Leconte was able to begin the process of starting her own restaurant, which she now harmoniously runs with her husband and son.

Walking into Litestars, you can expect to find some of Leconte's signature creations such as soup drinks, salads, and tartlets. Best-sellers include: "Funshine"--a butternut squash soup drink that you can eat on the go, the "Mango Chicken Gourmet Salad," and the "Zucchini Tartlet" (also good for those who are strapped for time because you can eat it with your hands!) All of the dishes are prepared with minimal sodium (don't fear though, there is a delicious blend of seasonings at each table if you'd like), and absolutely nothing is processed. "We don't even have a freezer in the kitchen," says Leconte "we buy our ingredients fresh from local farms."

Another thing that sets Litestars apart from the norm is the nutrition fact sheets for every menu item. As well as calorie content, ingredients and allergens are listed, and many of the menu items are vegetarian, vegan, and/or gluten free. Being the kind of person who likes to know exactly what is in my food, I think these nutrition cards are perfect.

I decided on the Chicken Tartlet for lunch. Layers of chicken, spinach, and feta cheese were baked into a golden-brown crust. I thought it odd that I did not receive a fork and knife with my selection, but when I asked, Leconte suggested I eat my tartlet the right way: with my hands. I have to admit, it was a liberating experience. I dusted my tartlet with a little seasoning for some extra flavor, and it was absolutely délicieux. The tartlet alone was enough to fill me up, but I was able to enjoy a sneak peak sample of the new frozen yogurt (available by the end of March) before leaving. It was a perfectly sweet ending, and the best part was that I felt good after eating. Not guilty.

my chicken tartlet. perfect size.

mango-strawberry froyo
Along with the debut of the froyo, outdoor seating will become available as the weather warms up, so be sure to try Litestars this spring!

eating my tart the right way sans cutlery.


2101 L St NW
Washington, DC 20037

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