Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Burgers and Shakes: Fried Pickles

With the excitement of National Burger Month, you need something to serve on top of or along side your juicy burger.  Miss Jenny of Miss Jenny's Pickles recently joined us on Capital Cooking's Burgers and Shakes episode to let us in on her secret recipe for Frickles.  We first met Miss Jenny at the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show and we were so happy to have her as a guest.  
Miss Jenny shared more than just her Frickle recipe...she inspired us with her story about starting a pickle company after losing her job with the rough economy.  It is wonderful to see small businesses achieving success and Miss Jenny is a perfect example.  You'll be able to catch the episode next month on WETA Friday evenings at 7:30 p.m.
Fried Pickles

As seen on the “Burgers and Shakes” episode with Jenny Fulton, co-founder of Miss Jenny’s Pickles. 

1/4 cup hush-puppy mix

1/4 brine Miss Jenny’s Pickles

Put hush-puppy mix in a bowl and pour in brine from Miss Jenny’s Pickles.  Use whisk to form a paste.  Stir until smooth.  Take pickles from jar and drench into paste.  Cover both sides completely.  Place pickles into oil that is heated to 350 degrees, and cook until golden brown.  Let cool 3-5 minutes until warm and enjoy the Frickles.

Photos by Kristen Finn

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