Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dining with the Stars: Manfredi Barbera

Ten people gathered around a table at J and Steakhouse. Wine is flowing. Conversation is lively. Why are we here? Manfredi Barbera, a top olive oil producer from Sicily is in town for the Fancy Food Show.

Manfredi Barbera is the fourth generation of the Barbera family and their Frantoia Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a product of his generation. It is his baby, so to speak. The Barbera family works with over 10,000 olive growers throughout Sicily 55% Biancolilla olives. They have an intense perfume and sweet in flavor, 35% Nocellera olives to give body, 10% Cerasuola olives for the aftertaste. 100% green olives.

At dinner, along with Frantoia, our bread was served with Manfredi Barbera Special Selection Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Not only did we have the oil with our bread but we also drizzled it over our steaks with a little bit of salt. THe oil is produced from 100% Biancolilla olives using machinery that allows the minimum amount of oxidation possible. The press also removes the pits without grinding them, keeping the tannins from being extracted into the oil. Unlike most olive oils you will find at the grocery store, this oil doesn’t leave that dry aftertaste. It’s smooth and will definitely leave you wanting more.

I was able to find the Frantoia Extra Virgin Olive Oil at The Italian Store in Arlington:
3123 Lee Highway
Arlington, VA 22201

(I'm still on the hunt for the Special Selection.)

By: Cara Eshleman


Bill Sanders said...

Nice piece and entertaining evening. Thanks for attending I would also like to add that Frantoia is available online at http://www.crushandpressstore.com/Frantoia_Extra_Virgin_Olive_Oil_p/0-69702-90035-3.htm

Capital Cooking said...

Thanks Bill!