Saturday, July 9, 2011


An opened bottle of wine that has been re-corked can spoil due to the room air that has been trapped in the bottle. The Intelli-stopper solves this problem by sealing the bottle and using a red indicator that disappears to show when the precise amount of air has been pumped out.

The patented Grip-Touch Vacuum Pump and the True Seal Intelli-Stopper represent state-of-the-art technology for wine preservation. Each Intelli-Stopper has three o-rings and an interior check-valve to ensure an air-tight fit on any wine bottle. The Grip-Touch is a comfortable simple to operate vacuum pump that attaches to the Intelli-Stopper to remove air from the bottle. When the perfect seal has been created the stopper’s red indicator disappears, indicating that the wine can now be saved without losing flavor or aroma.

With the Intelli-Stopper in place, the wine can now be saved without fear of spoilage. Its triple o-ring seal will prevent any air from entering the bottle, and if someone were to open the bottle and not re-seal it correctly, the red indicator will reappear showing that air has entered the bottle. As an added bonus, bottles sealed with the Intelli-Stopper can be saved flat or standing maximizing storage space.

The True Seal Intelli-Stopper technology is available in three different Wine Doctor kits. The best selling Classic (MSRP$24.95) includes the Grip-Touch Vacuum Pump and two Intelli-Stoppers. The Solo (MSRP$19.95) which includes the Grip-Touch Vacuum Pump and one Intelli-Stopper, and the Elite (MSRP$39.95) with a stainless steel designer Grip-Touch and two stainless steel Intelli-Stoppers. Additional Intelli-Stoppers can be purchased in two-packs.

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