Sunday, July 17, 2011

Millions of Peaches, Peaches for Me

Where can you find the freshest peaches this time of year? If you’re willing to get away from the city for awhile, you can find some at Homestead Farm in Poolesville, MD. You can even pick them yourself!

Just a short drive out of DC and you’ll find yourself amongst large homes on large plots of land and lots of nature. Drive a little further and suddenly there are farms. Peach groves, cherry groves blueberry patches, blackberry patches and even farm animals. Nature in abundance.

Once you get to Homestead Farm, the people working in the shop will point you toward the peach groves where you can pick as many peaches as you wish. If you plan to pick a lot, they’ll even let you borrow their wheel barrows. Just bring the peaches back to the shop when you’re ready. They’ll weigh them and you just have to pay $1.49 per pound.

Move quickly though. Peaches are at their peak this month and the season ends early September.

Peach picking tips:
--Bring your own container and have them weigh it before you pick. This will cut down on costs.
--Look for trees with fallen fruit. Those are the ones with the ripest peaches.
--Don’t be afraid to climb into the trees to pick the ripest fruit. Sometimes the best pieces are hidden from plain sight.
--Wear sunscreen. Especially if you go on a sunny day. You may be hiding in the shade, but those sun rays will find you.
--Wear bug spray. There are a LOT of bugs out there. I was only bit once but I have a feeling the bug spray would have made the gnats leave me alone.
--Take a shower when you get home. The fuzzies from the fruit will make you itchy. The sooner you wash them off, the better you will feel. I washed my face with a water bottle while still at the farm. That helped a lot.

Homestead Farm
15604 Sugarland Road
Poolesville, Maryland 20837

By: Cara Eshleman

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