Friday, July 22, 2011

Scoutmob Launches in DC!

This Tuesday Capital Cooking was invited to a mustache themed launch event for Scoutmob, a site in the mold of Living Social and Groupon but with one major difference it’s FREE. Like its predecessors Scoutmob features a daily deal to a restaurant which is typically around 50% off and can last up to 3 months.
 What differentiates Scoutmob is its ease of use, especially if you have an iPhone or Android. All you have to do is download the app and all the current deals are available instantly to your phone. There is no signing up daily, paying $25.00 upfront for a $50.00 gift certificate, or printing a coupon beforehand. All the daily deals are available at the touch of button and always on your phone. Scoutmob thrives on people’s spontaneity; the apps best feature (other than the mustache camera) is it’s nearby button. This feature allows you to pull up the closest deals based on your location at any given moment. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a cheap night out!
 Scoutmob has been live for 2 days and so far the deals have been great. They started with 50% off at the downtown staple Georgia Browns on Wednesday, and 50% percent off DC’s most iconic restaurant Ben's Chili Bowl. You should know there are restrictions, as to amount each deal is worth, or how many coupons can be used at a time, but you can’t complain too much because it’s FREE!
 As for the event, it was at the Lamont Bishop Gallery on 9th St NW, which provided a great back round of urban art amongst an urban crowd. The brand new restaurant/general store Seasonal Pantry provided tasty high end BLT’s with their own cured bacon and sun dried tomato spread. The beverages were mix of local beers and wine, and a specialty drink which combined cherry lemonade, Knob Creek whiskey and Cognac soaked cherries from Season Pantry. It was a lively crowd which was kept entertained by the art work, a mustache themed photo booth, and a freak show performer.
 I for one am excited to use Scoutmob and hope it’s enjoys the success in DC it is already experiencing in New York, San Francisco, and Atlanta. I am also excited to taste some more of Seasonal Pantry’s treats, and plan on picking up a jar of their delicious soaked cherries.

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