Friday, August 26, 2011

Khan's Bar and Grill: DO NOT GO HERE!

Khan's Bar and Grill was my worst restaurant experience to date.  If you read my blog, you know that I don't normally say negative things about the restaurants I visit.  I always try to give you the facts and tell you about the really great things at each place.   We have never been treated so poorly at any restaurant, as we were at Khan's.  

We were invited in for a media dinner to review the food at Khan's by their public relations representative.  She greeted us and was great, but she had to leave early due to an unexpected death in the family.  She told us to order appetizers and get settled and then they would bring out the bowls to try the Mongolian grill.  We ordered calamari which was rubbery, dumplings which were mushy and greasy and dry chicken wings which were over-breaded and deep fried.  

After she left, a man came over to our table and told us he was a silent owner.  He began to insult us and tell us that anyone could write a blog.  Then he asked us if there was anything else we wanted.  We told him we just arrived and didn't get a chance to try the Mongolian grill yet.  He said that they had "extended themselves enough with our appetizers."  We asked him how he expected us to write the story without trying the Mongolian bowls.  He got up and said he had to talk to the other owner, Mr. Lee.  We decided that we really didn't need to taste the $10 Mongolian grill  if it meant they would have to go out of their way (*Remember we were invited in to review the Mongolian grill.)  We walked in to tell him and he said they would not be giving us the bowls and that we could get on our way.  We asked him why he was treating us like this when we were invited here.  He said that they did not invite us. We said we were contacted by your public relations representative and asked to come here.  He said "we didn't invite you here, she did."  That's strange... we said we thought she worked with you and he again said "we did not invite you here."  

I really couldn't believe how rude they treated us.  This behavior came out of nowhere. I'm not sure why a restaurant would pay a good public relations specialist who is trying her best to help them only to then destroy all of the work she's done by treating the guests with such disrespect.  I can't image they'll be in business too long if they continue to treat people this way. 

(202) 399-6010
Atlas District
1125 H St NE
Washington, DC 20002

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East_H said...

This doesn't sound right. Why would they act this way? There has to be more to the story.

We've always been treated well at Khan's. I'm sorry you had such a terrible experience.

Capital Cooking said...

I realize it doesn't sound right which is why we were so shocked. This is exactly what happened. We were completely insulted and confused. If you read my restaurant reviews, you'll see that I rarely ever write negative things. This was so upsetting that I had to let people know. So counterproductive to invite media in to write reviews and then to treat them like that. It would have made more sense not to have invited us in at all.

Anonymous said...

...never get to make another first impression. I been to the restaurant on several ocassions and it always falls in the range of 5 thru 8 out of a possible 10. It's not our first choice, but it is definitely not our last choice.

It just puts a fly in the batter, to have an invite and the invitee has an emergency. I just summarizing that there was a meeting in the kitchen and all who couldn't take the heat, vamoosed!!

Capital Cooking said...

Not sure what you mean about the last part. We were the invitees. Their PR consultant had a death in the family and had to leave early.

8th and H said...

I'm sorry that you had such a horrible experience. I have only been there once, but had a great experience. The guy behind the bar was friendly and gave myself and my friends free shots. I can't say anything about the owner Mr. Lee.
It's definitely a turn off to hear about how they treated you.
The apps I haven't had. The Stir-fry is just stir-fry, nothing ridiculously special, but a good deal for $10.

Capital Cooking said...

Glad you liked it. Hopefully they improve.