Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Melting Pot Menu at Masa 14. First up: Manila

Chefs Richard Sandoval and Kaz Okochi have launched a series of Melting Pot menus that explore the evolution of local cuisine across Latin America and Asia.   Beginning today, Masa 14 will feature ‘Melting Pot: Manila,’ a month long menu highlighting Spanish influence on Manila’s culinary landscape.

This historic blending of cultures dates back to the 15th century, when Manila became known as the center of Spanish activity in the Far East. During the month of February, guests can enjoy this Filipino and Spanish menu as they experience a culinary journey inspired by history.  

Chef de Cuisine Antonio Burrell presented a fun menu based on the cuisine of his own country.   My favorites were the lumpia de dizon spring rolls with a sweet chili sauce.  

 I also enjoyed the Pansit Palabok ($12), clear noodles, blue crab, boiled egg and chicharonnes. 
bangussteamed whitefish / snow peas / country ham / golden raisins
Beef Kare-Kare ($12), seared beef, toasted rice, coconut milk in peanut sauce, that use regional ingredients indigenous to both cultures.

suman sa ibos:  glutinous sweet rice / coconut milk / caramelized mango
Cebu Martini
Masa 14 is also offering a selection of hand-crafted cocktails, such as the Calamansi Shandy ($10 ), calamansi  citrus nectar,  house-made sour, the Cebu Martini, San Miguel Lager and the Seventy-Thirty($8), red wine and Coca-Cola Classic.

Calamansi Shandy
The Melting Pot: Manila menu can be enjoyed during February at Masa 14, exclusively during dinner.  Next up… ‘Melting Pot: Sao Paulo,’ highlighting African, Portuguese, Spanish and Native American influences, Spring 2012, followed by ‘Melting Pot:  Peru,’ featuring Japanese and Chinese influences, Summer 2012.

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