Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cheese of France Cocktail Reception

Cheeses of France hosted an elegant and fun cocktail reception after the Fancy Food Show on Monday featuring some of their exquisite cheeses, along with French wine and passed hors d' oeuvres.
The room was decorated beautifully with simple and clean decorations.  

White tablecloths and big yellow sunflowers covered the tables along with an array of breads, crackers, jams, accompaniments, and of course, a variety of French cheeses.

There was also an open bar serving French wine, both white and red, sparkling water, and beer.

The room filled quickly as people mingled, sipped wine, and feasted on plenty of delicious hard and soft cheeses from France.

I am a huge fan of French cheese as I think they make some of the most flavorful and mouthwatering cheeses around, and the cocktail reception was a perfect example of that.  

France makes so many different kinds of cheeses with all different milks and textures and flavors.  I loved toasting through all of the cheeses with the different accompaniments.  

Some of my favorites of the night were Brillat Savarin, a soft triple cream cows milk cheese, Saint Nectaire,  a stronger flavored soft cows milk cheese, Comte, a hard cows milk cheese that is also called Gruyere, and the goat cheese with cranberry called Le Roule Cranberry.

It was a great way for Cheeses of France to introduce and showcase their cheeses and get people together to taste them and have fun.

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