Friday, June 8, 2012

Impressionism meets Tryst at the Phillips Collection

By Viola Bello

Do you enjoy vibrant art, delicious food and drinks at awesome prices?  If your answer is yes, then I found your new hangout place.  The Phillips collection and Tryst have united to create an incredible partnership in launching Tryst at the Phillips.  The café is located at a fantastic space inside The Phillips Collection, itself located at the Dupont Circle at 1600 21st St. NW.  This is the 4th opening of Tryst Coffee House Bar and Lounge.  Tryst opened at The Phillips May 22nd
If you find yourself in the mood to enjoy a tasty sandwich and cold beer while working on your thesis, then you can skip the museum and head to the café.  The sandwiches are prepared fresh daily by their sister restaurant, Open City located in Woodley Park.  The space itself includes an indoor area furnished with comfortable couches and imaginative art, and my favorite, a splendid outdoor area.  The outdoor space has two levels both furnished with tables, chairs, and umbrellas where you can just let go of your troubles and enjoy a beautiful summer day, whether you are by yourself or with your friends. 

And it gets better!  In addition to the food and drinks, Tryst is planning on having local artists perform on Thursday evenings from 5 to 8 PM, while offering a beer, wine, and specialty cocktails bar.  The only exception is the first Thursday of each month when Phillips after 5, the Phillips Collection’s own after-hours event takes place. 

When I visited Tryst for their launching party, I had the chance to look around and try some of the food offerings Tryst will serve.  The mozzarella salad was fresh and absolutely perfect for a hot summer evening.  I also tried the carrot cake.  Now, I have to say, I like almost every cake, but carrot cake.  But this one was delicious, fresh, and carrots count as vegetables, right?  I paired these with a glass of Prosecco and I couldn’t have asked for a better ending to a Thursday evening.  I have to add that the service staff was extremely friendly and helpful in answering questions about their menu. 

So, whether you want to have a quiet time by yourself while reading a book, meet up with your friends and gossip over a glass of wine, or just want to listen to some local music, Tryst is the new place to be in town.  The hours for this location are Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 10AM to 4PM.  Thursdays 10AM to 8PM and Sundays 11AM to 5PM.  You can also check out their menu at  


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