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Top 5 Flavorful Dishes at Taste of Georgetown 2012

By Viola Bello

The 19th Annual Taste of Georgetown took place on an absolutely gorgeous Saturday, June 2nd.  Forty three of the best restaurants in Georgetown were featured and each had multiple sample dishes on display.  Needless to say it was a mouth-watering day to be in Georgetown if you enjoy good food!  In addition to the food, there was wine and beer, and live music.  The proceeds from the tastings ($5 for a single tasting) went to fund the homeless assistance programs of the Georgetown Ministry Center.

Since I cannot write about all the dishes I sampled, given that there were too many, I decided to write about my top five favorite flavors.   With the temperatures rising, I was looking for something that was not only delicious but also weather appropriate.  Having said this, drum roll, here are my top five.

5— Delicioso!

Paella from Bodega Spanish Tapas and Lounge.  In this classic Spanish dish, the rice infused with delicious flavors from the chicken and the vegetables was perfectly cooked.  The way the flavors came together in the Paella, the taste buds in my mouth were doing a happy dance.  It also smelled divine.  The main reason for ranking it at number 5 was because it was hot and since it was hot outside, I started to sweat a bit.  However, it was absolutely delicious if you are ever in the mood to try Spanish cuisine.  The restaurant is located at 3116 M Street in Georgetown. 
Bodega Spanish Tapas & Lounge on Urbanspoon 

Pad Thai Chicken from Bangkok Joe’s.   This yummy dish left me craving for more (but the line was too long!)  Not a heavy dish, I loved the tart and spicy taste that came from the lemon juice mixed with the vegetables, noodles and the spicy sauce.   I loved that the noodles were thin, perfectly chewy, and did not overcome the flavors of the other ingredients.  The chicken was tender and juicy.  If you are in the mood for Thai food, this dish will not disappoint.  Bangkok Joe’s is located at 3000 K St NW.   
Bangkok Joe's on Urbanspoon

Shrimp and Pesto with Fresh Fettuccine from Ristorante Piccolo.  A fire shut down this little treasure of a restaurant in the heart of Georgetown in 2008, however, who else was going to make the fettuccine as delicious as they do?  This dish was absolutely delightful.  The shrimp was so flavorful and juicy, it practically burst when being chewed.  The seasonal vegetable zucchini and the flavorful pesto combine deliciously with the fresh fettuccine.  This is an absolutely delizioso Italian dish to try at Ristorante Piccolo, which is located at 1068 31st St. NW.    
Ristorante Piccolo on Urbanspoon

2— Délicieux!
Last Tango Sweet Crepe: Nutella and Strawberry from Café Bonaparte.  Nutella is possibly my favorite thing to eat with everything or just by itself.  There is not a better companion to the hazelnut chocolate taste than fresh strawberries wrapped in a crepe and topped with whip cream.  It is simple to make and absolutely delicious to enjoy.  I would have the crepe anytime of the day, that’s how good it is, even though it may be considered a desert since it is sweet.  Pair it with a mimosa and you will never want to leave the place, which you will find located at 1522 Wisconsin Ave NW.
Cafe Bonaparte on Urbanspoon

Grilled Mahi Mahi Tacos from J. Paul’s.  One word to describe this creation: delectable!  This is absolutely something I would have on more than one occasion.  Flour tortillas, fresh avocado, black beans, pineapple hot sauce, spicy cabbage slaw, and my favorite feta cheese come together to create an amazingly flavorful dish.  The mahi fillets were so tender and grilled to perfection.  The feta cheese and black beans are a mouth watering combination, and together with the spicy cabbage slaw create a flavor that is unmatched to any other one to enjoy on a hot summer day!  This dish is incredibly yummy and you will find at 3218 M Street, NW.

If you missed Taste of Georgetown this year, you can easily enjoy the dishes mentioned here and many other ones by visiting the restaurants, which can easily be found by simply walking up and down M, Wisconsin and K Streets.

Bon Appétit!

Photos by Viola Bello and Bart Kendrick

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