Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sam Adams Summer and Lobster!

By Matt Dewey

Savor Beer Week was an amazing celebration of beer which featured both national brands and micro-brews showcasing their beer at local restaurants. Capital Cooking went to Iron Horse in Gallery Place to taste the quintessential summer beer, Sam Adams Summer Ale.  They paired the beer  with the New England lobster roll.

This year's Summer Ale tasted very familiar and instantly reminded me of cooling down on hot summer days. The ale had familiar notes of pepper and lemon, which were paired perfectly with famed chef David Burke’s Ale infused lobster rolls. The lobster rolls were made made by the food truck Red Hook Lobster Pound. They were packed full lobster and served on a perfect buttery crisp artisan roll, but what took these from good to great was diced green apples. The apples added a crunchy texture and a sweetness that paired perfectly with the tang of Sam Adams Summer Ale.

So now that the Sam Adams' taps have changed and summer is officially here, follow Red Hook Lobster Pound on twitter ( and grab a delicious brew.

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