Sunday, September 22, 2013

Best Thing on the Menu

Join a different kind of conversation about food in our nation’s capital. Best Thing on the Menu (BTM) is the DC food blog where it’s fun to disagree! Adventures around culinary Washington lead to posts announcing the must-get items on menus. Those that don’t agree with BTM’s top pick can post their favorites in the comments section. BTM empowers DC diners to order with confidence. Take Del Campo for example:

Del Campo is exactly what DC has been waiting for: It’s the answer to our cooped-up in-condos-without-a-grill gripes. At Chef Albisu’s South American asado oasis, flames have kissed everything from cocktails to dessert.

In a special interview with BTM, Chef Victor Albisu elaborated on his grilled cocktail menu, grilled ceviche, smoked caviar and a very umami-tasting smoked uni sauce. He also pointed out some of the most popular picks including the octopus causa and wagyu empanadas. He said more daring guests order the beef heart anticucho, which contains both grilled and raw elements. However, the Best Thing on the Menu is the: Rolled Wagyu Skirt Steak.

He got the idea for this rolled flavor powerhouse from a dish in Argentina called Matambre. Continue reading. Follow @BTMenu for more recommendations.

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