Monday, September 23, 2013

Sausage and Rye Brunch

The Capella Georgetown recently launched its Sausage and Rye Brunch, served Saturdays and Sundays from 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM. Though the Rye cocktails and sausages created by Meat-Master Jamie Stachowski are at the center of the new brunch menu, the menu items crafted by Chef Jakob Esko give you that much more incentive to make The Capella Georgetown your next brunch stop.

The brunch menu offers a nice selection of light and refreshing starters that will leave plenty of room for you to indulge in their sausages and entrees.
In "Three Oysters on Ice" oysters are served topped with mild curry and apple, spicy tomato and horseradish, and  creme fraiche, dillflower and trout roe.

The Lobster Salad is one of four salads offered on the menu, mixing seasonal vegetables, garden greens and housemade grapefruit dressing with luscious lobster.

Entrees include waffles, french toast, and multiple seafood and egg dishes. The Capella Georgetown's freshly baked waffles are topped with candied walnuts and berry compote.

In addition to grilling scallops and salmon, Chef Jakob Esko also sears Citrus Tuna.

Eggs are found in six of the eleven entree selections. I'm personally most excited for the Stachowski Chorizo & Baked Eggs, though with the Baked Eggs and Suckling Pig pictured above also a menu option, I'm sure you can't go wrong with any egg selection. 

Eggs may also arrive poached or fried, as other entree items include Eggs Florentine, Poached Eggs and Greens, and Steak and Egg.

It is now time to present the stars of brunch: rye and sausages. One of Capella's signature rye cocktails is their Blueberry Ryejito, made with FewRye, fresh blueberries,  mint, and Taittinger brut la francaise. Other signature cocktails mix rye with blood orange and cardamom, peach lambic and pineapple juice, or house made Campari soda, freshly squeezed orange juice and ginger beer. 

Meat-Master Jamie Stachowski has created over half a dozen sausage varieties for Capella guests, using a variety of meats including chicken, duck and veal. I tried the Chicken Sante Fe Chorizo Style during a media preview, and naturally, with my love of Chorizo, I can't wait for the brunch where I'll order both the Chicken Santa Fe and Stachowski Chorizo and Baked Eggs in the same sitting.

If the salads, waffles, eggs, rye or sausages somehow haven't been enough to entice your taste buds, the Capella Georgetown Brunch also includes an Ice Cream Sundae Bar. Honey lavender  peach melba, wild blueberry, vanilla bean and pear sorbet ice cream can be topped with caramelized popcorn, hazelnut brittle, chocolate pearls, caramelized pistachios, chocolate shavings, warm nutella, salted caramel sauce and/or berry compote.

The Capella Georgetown is located at 1050 31st St NW. For the full brunch menu, visit

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