Sunday, September 29, 2013

BLT Steak Says Farewell to Summer

Summer officially came to a close on Saturday, September 22nd, but BLT Steak wasn't going to let summer pass us by without first hosting a farewell-to-summer rooftop shindig to benefit the Children's National Medical Center.

On the last Tuesday of the summer, BLT Steak invited four other area restaurants to grill atop their gorgeous rooftop overlooking the White House and Washington Monument, offering guests all you can eat steaks, fish and veggies. In addition to the five dishes offered by five area restaurants, guests were also able to enjoy a Popover Bar from BLT Steak and all-you-can- drink craft cocktails, beer and wine. 

Bayou Bakery baked a Louisiana Cane Syrup Cake, served with grilled peaches, peach butter, and crumbled praline. Stationed nearest to the entrance of BLT Steak's rooftop, it took a lot of willpower for me to make this station my last stop, but it was well worth the wait.

Green Pig Bistro cooked Pig's head, creamed grits and Swiss Chard. Though my tastebuds are too sensitive to handle anything too spicy, this dish had the perfect spicy kick and was my favorite dish of the night.

1789 braised milk pork coppa and paired it with corn spoon bread. I would like to note that 1789's table had my favorite decor with their stacked jars of spoon bread (yes, they made spoon spread in a jar), though their food was just as much about taste as it was about looks.

Of course BLT Steak wouldn't host a party without serving guests their own creations. Guests were treated to a taste of braised veal cheeks served with chanterelle mushrooms, pickled onions and eggplant.

You can't really enjoy meat without potatoes, and Rogue 24 crafted a lovely serving of sepia, olive oil, lemon, potato, and garlic chives.

Thank you to BLT Steak, Bayou Bakery, Green Pig Bistro, 1789, and Rogue 24 for helping us celebrate Summer 2013 while raising funds for the Children's National Medical Center!

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