Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Brainfood Grill Off 2011

It’s always nice to mix something you love with something that is good for the community, and that exactly what Brainfood did on last Thursday night at their annual Grill Off 2011. Brainfood is an awesome organization that teaches DC’s under privileged youth life skills through cooking. The premise was touched on in an earlier post, so I'll just do a quick recap. An handful of DC’s top Chefs compete with Brainfood members in an “Iron Chef” style cook off where they are given a specific set of ingredients to make the best possible dish.
 The chefs included Chefs include: Daniel Giusti, 1789; Kyle Bailey, Birch & Barley; Kevin Villalovos, Cure; Teddy Folkman, Granville Moore’s; Scott Drewno, The Source; Victor Albisu, BLT Steak; Justin Bittner, Bar Pilar, and Robert Gadsby, Ridgewells catering. It was great to see these top chefs interact with with the kids as the finished product was a true group effort, and each team cooked with a playful competitiveness and true passion. 

Each chef was also able to really showcase their expertise and although each chef was given the same list of ingredients they all came up with radically different dishes. The dishes featured salmon, shrimp, pork, lamb, steak, and scallops. Every dish was fantastic but the one that stood out the most to be was from the team lead by BLT Steaks Victor Albisu. They made an incredibly tender steak topped with a a chimi churi sauce and side of a garlic packed babagnosh, each different ingredient complimented each other and made a dish that made me go back for seconds and dish I hope I taste again.

Brainfood is an amazing organization which is making a difference in young peoples lives everyday. I’m assuming since you are reading this you love food, so if your looking for a way to give back I definitely recommend volunteering at Brainfood as it’s the perfect way to share something you love and improve peoples lives as the same time. Here is a link to their website where you can donate or look into volunteer opportunities BrainFood.


Food Handler Certification said...

Brainfood, now that's an interesting concept for a group. I thought it was a list of brain foods literally. Anyways, how did the grill off go?

Capital Cooking said...

It was a big success!

Anonymous said...

I was there but had to leave early. Who won the grill off?