Friday, September 30, 2011

Thinking of Drinking: The Machine Head

Add some fire to your fall with this cocktail!

Mixologist Alex Strange's "Machine Head" cocktail at Shab Row Bistro and Wine Bar (221B North East Street, Frederick, MD 21701; (301) 631-8102; in historic Frederick. 

1 oz. Basil haydens bourbon
1 oz. Prichards Kentucky spiced rum
1 oz. Bouchard French brandy
1 oz. Domaine de canton ginger liqueur
Dash peychaud's bitters
Dash fee bros. Aztec chocolate bitters

Using a 1 oz. measuring jigger, combine all ingredients directly into an un-iced rocks glass. Add ice. Cut a circular piece of orange rind (be careful not to cut any of the "meat" from the orange). Hold the peel in-between your thumb and index finger over the top of your cocktail. Using a lighter, lightly move the flame back and forth on the outside of the peel for about 10 seconds. Rapidly "pop" the peel over the cocktail (the citrus oils will ignite blanketing orange oil over the top of the drink). Rim the glass with the burnt orange peel and enjoy!
Photo by:  Corey Weddle

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