Saturday, October 1, 2011

PIzza and Pasta

When you're in the mood for some pizza or pasta without all the fuss, Vapiano is a good option.  The casual atmosphere allows you to eat as you go by swiping your card as you order food and paying when you leave.  It is best to go with a group so some people can hold your table while some can go order the food. They offer an assortment of cocktails, beer and wine to enjoy with your meal. 

Vapiano is an innovative European concept serving fresh house-made pasta, made-to-order fire roasted pizzas, hand-tossed gourmet salads along with a full-service bar. Vapiano continues to garner global attention for their approach to dining – dishes are prepared at high temperature exhibition style wok stations, fresh herbs adorn each table and a unique chip card payment system rounds out each diner’s ultra-modern experience. The restaurant’s innovative, self-service technology and unmistakable upscale décor has created a huge customer fan base and helped fuel the company’s worldwide expansion. Restaurants are 5,000-8,000 square feet, seat 150 or so guests and have a blended check average of about $13.50 per guest.

(202) 640-1868
Dupont Circle
1800 M St NW
Washington, DC 20036

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Photo by Emily Clack

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José Carrilho (Go Detail) said...


That pizza looks great and if the price is related to an average meal cost i.e. with drink, dessert and coffe, then it's really cheap, considering that we're talking about US.