Sunday, October 30, 2011

Keep Food Warm Without Burning It

The ThermiCo casserole consists of a stainless steel cooking pot and a form fitting ceramic bowl. Once cooking is done, the pot can be placed into the bowl that will keep the pots contents warm for up to two hours.  This will avoid all of the burning food from the crock pot.
The ThermiCo comes with a ceramic bowl that is molded to fit the exact shape of the casserole. Because of ceramic’s unique insulation properties the casserole can be moved from the stove to the bowl and placed directly on the dining table without the need for a hot pad. Once in the bowl the casserole’s contents will remain warm for up to two hours. As an added bonus the ceramic bowl can be used by itself as a serving piece that will help to maintain the temperature of both hot and cold foods.
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