Friday, October 21, 2011

Thinking of Drinking: Jarritos

The Day of the Dead celebration is going on at Oyamel.  Stop in to try a Jarrito or make one at home.

1.5 oz. Mezcal Vida
4 oz. of House-made squirt
Garnish: Large ice cube topped with half of an orange wheel sprinkled with Oaxacan sea salt and chili piquin. Toothpick of jicama and pineapple that has been sous vide with house made squirt with a pinch of Oaxacan sea salt and chili piquin.

Ingredients for house made squirt:
100g orange juice
140g grapefruit juice
10g lemon juice
50g lime juice
100g simple syrup
0.5g Citric acid powder
0.75 of gelatin sheet.

In the streets of Michoacan, street vendors serve “Jarritos” with Michoacan rum (charanda), fruits, salt, chili piquin, and Squirt, a popular grapefruit-flavored soda. 

For this cocktail, we combine these flavors using Mezcal Vida, a housemade Squirt, salt and chili piquin.

For the garnish, we sous vide jicama and pineapple with the house-made Squirt and chili piquin  to infuse a bit of spiciness into the fruit.

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