Friday, October 21, 2011

Josephine Nightclub and Lounge Pairs with Belvedere Red

photo credit: Dave Phillipich
by Samantha Grieder
Capital Cooking Contributor

On Tuesday, an invitation-only Friends and Family list enjoyed an evening spent at the newly remodeled Josephine Nightclub and Lounge. Designed by Mark Lehmkuhl, the decor is trendy and all-around fabulous. A mark of the Miami-based designer, the entire space can be plucked from it's McPherson Square location, placed in South Beach, and it wouldn't miss a beat.

Josephine is like a fantastically sexy woman. She is dark, but has lots of sparkle and personality. The space utilizes subtle, jewel-toned lighting from the bar to pillars to the chandeliers. Diamond shapes are reflected in pillars and seat backs. Have you noticed those two poles on the lower level lounge area? They're not just for show. Event photos are projected into the bathroom sinks. No stone has been left unturned here.
photo credit: Samantha Grieder

Another positive quality: Josephine is also pretty generous. The nightclub has paired up with Belvedere RED, a new initiative launched to help raise funds to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. For every bottle purchased, 50% of proceeds are donated towards the cause. So go. Buy a couple. Give one, keep one, and sleep soundly knowing that you've not only had a great time, but you've just helped to combat an issue that reaches from within DC's borders to across the world.
photo credit: Dave Phillipich
On a weekend night, this nightclub is packed. Music is loud. There are three bars -- don't forget about the one in the back! On this special Tuesday, the music is just as loud, and the three bars are all open. Except this time, guests are only enjoying Belvedere RED cocktails and sipping Moet and Chandon. Red bracelets are handed out with drinks. Red ice cube lights are flashing in glasses. Red glow light necklaces are being passed out and put on. It's a not-so-subtle campaign, with hope that even a brand of vodka can help make a difference.

At the end of the day, there's really no better reason to party than to party for a good cause.

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