Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Culinary Journey to Lima and Tokyo

For the rest of October, stop into Zengo to try Taste of Lima-Tokyo menu.  Chef Richard Sandoval never ceases to impress with his clever culinary creations.  

Chupe de Mariscos:  Seafood soup with shrimp, clams and cockles

I'm in love with the Pisco.  We started our evening with a Sparkling Sake-Pisco Cocktail made with Macchu Pisco.  

Luckily, Pisco producer,  Melanie da Trinidade-Asher, was with us to give us the scoop on this Peruvian grape brandy.  She told us stories of her childhood and how she dreamed of introducing Pisco to the rest of the world.  

Spicy Passion fruit Pisco Sour

Macchu Pisco is aged for 9 months and has earthy herbal tones.  My favorite Pisco of the evening was the La Diablada because of its sweet and spicy flavor.  

Onto the food... the entire dinner was so delicious.  

We began our tasting journey with the Sarsa Salad topped with a tangy peanut dressing.  

I loved the fresh flavors of the rainbow ceviche.  

For the next cocktail, we sipped on Chicha Morada-Shiso Mojito.  Yum!  I liked the cleverness of the Concha a Lo Macho served in a shell with lots of seafood and an aji amarillo aioli.  

Lomo Saltado:marinated pork loin / ginger sauce

Oya-Ko Chicken with a creamy sauce and a fried quail egg on top

Blood Orange-Chancaca Whiskey Sour

After indulging in six small plates, it was time for the Ocha Ice Cream paired with Mosco Verde Pisco for sipping and the Lucuma Martini.  The green tea ice cream was a nice ending to the meal because it wasn't too sweet.  The Lumcuma was one of my favorites with the chocolaty almond flavors.  

Before departing, the Peruvian Ambassador gave a short speech and invited us all to Peru to get a taste of the amazing food and culture the country has to offer.  Hope to visit someday!

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Photos by Emily Clack 

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