Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Menu ReVamp: Satellite Room

Photo by Emily Clack
We were recently invited to try the Satellite Room's newest offerings, including three new boozy milkshake flavors, and three new "brunch" items. Tuesday evening was actually my first time at the Satellite Room, and all I can say is, "where have I been?" In addition to serving boozy milkshakes, which are typically the only two words I need to hear to get on board, I saw on their online menu that they have churros for dessert. Why wasn't I aware of this?
Photo by Emily Clak
Over the past year or so, my tastes have changed quite a bit. I previously would have been looking for fruit flavored drinks, which I would have found in the Stanley Kubrick, with vanilla & strawberry ice cream and Smirnoff orange. Nowadays, I like a little spice in my drink, and was most impressed by the Little Richard, with vanilla ice cream and Fireball. It was like Big Red gum had been turned in to a shake, although the shake's flavors were more balanced than the gum's (I never enjoyed Big Red...). I will also never object to having chunks of cake in my shake. The Marilyn Monroe, with vanilla ice cream, caramel, cake and Smirnoff Vanilla, was also a big hit. Everyone at my table helped themselves to a second serving of Marilyn.

In between boozy milkshakes, we also sampled a few of the new menu items. My favorite was definitely the Chorizo Hash, made with potatoes, onions, peppers, tomato, and sunny-side up eggs. Chorizo is my favorite, and having chorizo as an ingredient anywhere on the menu usually guarantees I'll leave pretty happy. The dish has nice big chunks of chorizo, with the only downside to this being you won't get chorizo in every bite of your dish unless you cut the meat in to smaller pieces, (but who is really going to do that? ). I'll just savor those bites that do include chorizo.

If I wasn't such a huge fan of chorizo, it would have been much harder for me to decide on my favorite brunch item from that evening, as the other two items I sampled were nothing short of delicious. The Chicken Biscuit included chicken with agave, which provided a nice touch of sweetness to the dish. 

The last item I was able to try was the Brioche French Toast with banana caramel. I don't always enjoy caramelized or baked fruit (I prefer cream pies over fruit pies) but I had no complaints about the banana caramel topping this toast.
Photo by Emily Clack
The Satellite Room, located directly behind the 9:30 Club at 2047 9th St NW is open 7 days a week, and the kitchen is always open late. Hours are 5pm-2 am Sun-Thurs, and 5pm-3am Fri-Sat.

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