Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lincoln's New Menu

By: Lauren Rittermann
Capital Cooking Contributor

Just like its sister restaurant, Teddy and the Bully Bar, Lincoln specializes in seasonal small plates with an emphasis on fresh and local ingredients.  Executive Chef Demetrio Zavala outdid himself once again by showcasing a selection of seasonal goodies for a selection of guests to taste.  The items were an sampling of some of the new spring items on the menu at Lincoln and were flavorful, colorful, and fresh.

We started with our choice of one the restaurants creative craft cocktails and homemade potato chips with homemade dips.  I chose the Hemingway's Daiquiri to start on the recommendation of our server.  This drink was tart with a touch sweet and made with Chairman's Reserve Silver Rum, Luxardo maraschino, fresh lime, and grapefruit. It was served in a beautiful glass, which is a Lincoln signature touch.

We sampled small cubes of Honey Compressed Watermelon with red wine vinegar, and fried basil which tasted like summer.  Following that was homemade pretzel bread with Chapel Creamery Bay Blue Fondu.

We also had Fluke Sashimi with pineapple carpaccio and mint jalapeño air, Local Beet Bruschetta with pickled beet roots and olive oil cotton candy, and finished with savory and sweet green tea macaroons and strawberry shortcake with strawberry rhubarb shortcake.

I sampled the Gettysburg Address, my favorite drink of the night just on pure freshness, but also enjoyed the Emancipation Punch that was served in a beautiful glass punch bowl.

The Gettysburg Address was a unique blend of Square One Botanical, VeeV Acaii liqueur, roasted beet purée, ginger syrup, fresh lemon sour, and aromatic bitters. All of the drinks at Lincoln are hand crafted with fresh and house made ingredients.  They are creative, unique, and with out a doubt, delicious.

The restaurant was bustling with guests enjoying the great food and trendy, upbeat atmosphere.  There is also a relaxing front patio for outdoor dining.  The menu is constantly changing with the seasons and Chef  Demetrio works hard on finding the best ingredients and keeping the menu items fresh,  vibrant and always mouthwatering.
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