Thursday, May 25, 2017

Happy National Chardonnay Day!

Join the #Chardonnation by tasting two new wines for National Chardonnay Day.

 Notable is a brand-new line of wines with two Chardonnay offerings, the 2016 Fruity & Crisp from Australia and 2015 Oaky & Buttery from California. 

Notable comes to market at an exciting time for US wine lovers, with the Chardonnay accounting for almost 20% of US wine sales, and nearly 50% of consumers reporting Chardonnay as one of their favorite varietals. With over 1,800 different brands of Chardonnay to choose from at the wine store, Notable helps eliminate confusion in the aisle, with flavor notes describing the two wines displayed right on the label. The Down-Under offering from Australia, described as “Fruity & Crisp,” showcases vibrant, fruit-forward flavors of citrus, melon and peach, contrasting with the California Chardonnay, described as “Oaky and Buttery,”thanks to its nine months of aging in French oak, which imparts butter and toasty vanilla notes that California Chardonnay lovers crave. Both are available nationwide with an SRP of $14.99.

Time for some happy sipping!  

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