Friday, September 27, 2019

Thinking of Drinking: The Coconut Highball

Perfect neat, or in a Highball, the flavor profile and versatility of DEWAR’S Caribbean Smooth 8-year-old rum cask finish offers a great alternative to beer and wine for food pairings. Signature serves include The Coconut Highball, which reimagines the classic highball with a refreshing blend of coconut and citrus flavors, as well as The Cask to Colada that includes Caribbean Smooth, fresh pineapple juice, vanilla sugar and coconut water.
1 ½ parts Caribbean Smooth

½ part Lemon juice

½ part Coconut Syrup

3 parts Soda Water




Lime wheel and mint sprig

Method: Add whisky, lemon juice and syrup to chilled Highball glass, filled with cubed ice, add soda,
stir ingredients from the bottom upwards to mix thoroughly, and garnish with slapped mint sprig and lime wheel.

DEWAR’s Caribbean Smooth 8-year-old rum cask finish will be available in a 750mL bottle with a SRP of $21.99. For more information on DEWAR'S Caribbean Smooth and the rest of DEWAR'S whisky products, please visit or on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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