Friday, November 19, 2010

Tonight: Full Circle Evening

A dinner with chef Robert Wiedmaier and his culinary team celebrating the autumn harvest utilizing the freshest bounty from their favorite local farmers and producers.

Wine & Beer Pairings
$175 per person, all inclusive
November 19, 2010
7 p.m.
Full-Circle Chef
Chef Robert Wiedmaier:  If Not By Land, Then By Sea!
When you spend cherished hours of your days-off in a remote duck blind, or stalking deer, or waiting for fish to bite, you gain a whole new appreciation of the animal.  That time and effort makes you respect it so much more.  You have a deeper investment in its fate.  And you have a responsibility for what it becomes. It’s a responsibility chef Robert Wiedmaier takes very seriously.

All the restaurants reflect Wiedmaier’s European heritage, in particular his links to Belgium, creating a full circle between his family, legacy and life in the United States.  Born in Germany to a Belgian father and Californian mother, he grew up close to the land, milking cows, helping with the slaughter of sheep, and everything else that was required on a real working farm during his childhood years in Europe. Wiedmaier has been involved with food – from the source – his whole life.

Wiedmaier’s five restaurants reflect a specific culinary influence from his past, and like five intertwining rings, they are each intrinsically linked by the same respect towards utilizing what is local, what is home grown, and what is personally caught or selected – ensuring that the circle is never broken.

This dinner will be an unrivaled gathering of the finest chefs, vintners, brewmasters, and importers, but more uniquely, the presence of select farmers will complete the stellar evening.

Chefs include: Paul Stearman, Marcel’s; Brian Klein, Brasserie Beck; Chris Watson, BRABO; and Robert Gadsby, Mussel Bar. Farms represented will include: Chapel Hill Farm, Berryville, VA; Martin’s Angus Beef, The Plains, VA; Fresh Link Co-Op, Virginia and North Carolina; and Steve Turnrich, Northern Neck of Virginia.

For Reservations or more information, 202.296.1166
2401 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

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