Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Moorenko's Ice Cream: A Local Frozen Favorite

Capital Cooking caught up with Susan Soorenko, owner of Moorenko's Ice Cream in Silver Spring, Md. Susan shares how her sons and customers have inspired her over the past nine years, since Susan founded her ice cream company.

Moorenko's Ice Cream is available in Whole Foods and markets and restaurants throughout the D.C. metro area, such as Willow Restaurant, The Burger Joint and Pizzeria Paradiso.

Watch how Susan and the Moorenko's team creates the fabulous frozen treat. And be sure to try Moorenko's pistachio ice cream, Susan's personal favorite.

Thank you Susan and the Moorenko's Ice Cream team, including Nick Augustine and Adriana Turcios, for sharing Moorenko's Ice Cream with Capital Cooking.
Moorenko's Ice Cream Cafe on Urbanspoon
(301) 588-5656
Silver Spring
8030 Georgia Ave
Silver Spring, MD 20910

By:  Kathryn Ruleman


Anonymous said...

Moorenko's is great. The shop is a bit of a walk from downtown silver spring, but it's worth it. If they opened in DTSS I'd probably get too fat from it anyway, though they'd definitely kick Cold Stone's and Ben & Jerry's butts.

Capital Cooking said...

I agree. The ice cream is so rich and creamy.