Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Fundraiser All About You

Every year, I say I want to do something in light of the Holiday Season, and let's just say, it's easier said then done.

But, this year, there is a fundraiser out there that is all about you! YOU are in charge, and YOU set the date! (and maybe you won't get any coal from Santa this year too?)

The International Rescue Committee, more simply known as IRC, created the i-Rescue Fundraiser. As a DO-IT-YOURSELF FUNDRAISER, all you need to do is create a food-related event, raise money from it, and donate it to IRC's website. From there, your work is done, and IRC will gather the money and send it off to help those in need.

Creating our own food related events means that we can have fun with it! So plan a Thanksgiving Dinner Benefit, a Potluck, a Bake-Sale, or anything biting at your taste buds. Tell all your guests to bring five dollars, rather than a side-dish, and your on your way!

IRC works hard everyday to respond to the world's worst crises. By implementing nutritional programs, providing agricultural tools and training, and running urban community gardens for refugee farmers, IRC helps people survive and rebuild their lives in all sorts of ways.

Visit, and set up your "Parties and Fundraisers Campaign". IRC can even help promote your campaign with their Facebook and Twitter Followers!

As a "Foodie Community" lets show everyone what we are all about! Its cold out there, and the perfect time to spread that Holiday Warmth! The Race is on, will my Food-Fundraiser be better than yours?

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