Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spotlight: Mark Bucher, owner of BGR

Photo by Emily Clack
Find out a little bit more about Mark Bucher, owner of BGR.  Mark Bucher has founded more than five successful growth companies.  He takes the idea that it simply “couldn’t be done” and does it. Being a naturally creative thinker, his passion is to create something from nothing. Mark recently, developed the idea and subsequently opened the highly acclaimed BGR the Burger Joint.  Mark also has over eight years prior experience as a top-rated radio personality in the DC area. Mark coaches 2 youth sports teams, is an active member of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO).  Mark is going to be a special guest on our Burgers and Shakes episode later this month.  We're so excited!

Favorite ingredient?

- Black truffles  on everything!

What is your favorite cookbook?
- Culinary Institute of America, New Professional Chef.  Everyone who cooks should have this by their side at all times

How would you describe DC Cuisine?

DC lacks a common street food.  In Philly, its the cheese steak, in NY and Chicago its the hot dog, in Baltimore its a crab cake.  DC is so transient and so international we lack a consistent street food.   Some people will say it’s the half smoke.  i don’t think that applies any more.  Might be the hamburger with the nationwide gourmet burger explosions really starting here.

How do you de-stress after a long day of working?
Exercise.  P90x every day.

What was your favorite burger of the month?
the "white trash"  aka "trailer trash" bbq pork, cole slaw on top of the burger!

What is in your fridge?
Peroni beer, go-gurts (for 4 year old), milk, tons of condiments, no leftovers  ( hate leftovers:) typically its pretty empty i tend to purchase items fro dinner the same day as i cook it.

Tell us about your radio show?

Start up or Shut up! with Mark & Tom is a humorous yet informative weekly one-hour business talk/call-in radio show reaching out and offering advice, anecdotes and personal experiences to an audience interested in potentially starting, or have recently started their own business. The show airs Sunday 10am-11am on Big Talker 1580 and
The program focuses on providing guidance and “constructive” criticism to listeners that want to take action and change their lives moving them closer to their dreams. Every week, the show will feature different successful entrepreneurs and guests delving into their strategies and struggles they faced in building their business. The show also welcomes weekly sponsors on-air to act as experts in developing various aspects of a new business. During the show, listeners have the opportunity to ask questions and seek advice from the show hosts, featured guests and sponsors.


Favorite beer? Peroni

Who's in your ipod? oh my,  remember i was in the radio business.  4300 songs!

Ideal Sunday morning?

Espresso/ NY Times and peace and quite!  NEVER HAPPENS! :)

What are your most exciting challenges right now?
Wow.  Lots of ideas, lots of things i want to try.  The biggest fight is being relentless on the quality of everything we use

Share your favorite recipe?

Krispy Kreme bread pudding

2 dozen krispy kreme glazed doughnuts
1 can condensed milk
1 cup raisins
4 eggs
3 cups half and half
cut donuts into bite size pieces, combine all ingredients and soak overnight.  Bake at 350 for 40 minutes.  Serve hot!

What do you cook when you're at home?
Kraft mac and cheese   kidding.....  Depends on the day.   Every Friday is open house and its make your own pizza night for friends and neighbors.  Favorite dinner for family is chicken marsala, and any type of soup or stew.

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