Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Courvoisier: More than just the Ladies Man Drink of Choice

Going into the Courvoisier tasting, I'd only tried it a time or two and it was usually mixed in a cocktail.  PS 7's top mixologist, Gina Chersevani, led us in an evening of delicious cognac cocktails and an exclusive pairing menu created especially for the night by PS 7’s renowned owner and executive chef, Peter Smith.  We started out the evening with one of Gina's delicious punches made with VS.  Courvoisier just introduced the new 12 years aged and 21 years aged.  We tried 5 different kinds of Courvoisier.  In the end, I liked the XO sweet subtle flavor best. 

 Courvoisier VS (Very Special)
Single: Vanilla roasted banana, Star of Africa gel, dehydrated banana
Bite: Toasted rice, vanilla, honey and tonka bean pave with rice pearls, candied orange
Courvoisier VSOP (Very Special Old Pale)
Single: Compressed Asian pears with coppa
Bite: Compressed Asian pear, smoked walnut brittle, endive and watercress with coppa
This was my very favorite!
Courvoisier XO (I thought Hugs and Kisses, but it is really Extra Old)
Single: Baby turnip glazed with brown sugar and vanilla toasted shallots
Bite: Turnip brulee with cured duck and salt
They even had special glasses for the XO
Courvoisier 12
Single: Roasted pear with saffron, tonka bean leather
Bite: Sassaffras smoked pear tuile with saffron, honey and ricotta mousse

Courvoisier 21
Single: Soba cha infused caramel with speck/salta
Bite: Potato arugula and truffle with soba cha honey foam, salta, speck with cinnamon and tonka crusted buckwheat

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