Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Freshii : So Good

If your anything like me, always looking for something yummy and healthy to satisfy cravings, then Freshii is the place for you. Look no further than 20th and M where Freshii is mixing up delicious low cal salads, soups, wraps, and their signature rice bowls. 

I had one with brown rice, chopped up celery, broccoli, red onions, bean sprouts and mushrooms, all mixed with warm goat cheese and cucumber dill vinaigrette on the side. It tasted great, and at 207 calories, the “rejuvenate” bowl can do no wrong. The “rejuvenate” bowl is part of the new Freshii 15 diet menu that offers a variety of filling options that will leave you feeling great! Freshii also features custom built salads, parfaits, burritos, friendly service, and always fresh ingredients. As an added bonus, they also have the best tart Fro-yo I’ve ever had! You’ll come crawling back to this one. I just hope they’ll open up more locations around the city.

Located at 2001 M Street NW
Visit them online for more information on catering and delivery @Freshii.com
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