Thursday, February 24, 2011

Under the Tuscan Stars Recipe: Pappardelle all’Aglione

Photo by Bryn Wallace
We had a great time eating pasta on our Under the Tuscan Stars episode airing this week.  It is great paired with Loose Cannon beer.

Pappardelle all’Aglione
By Dean Gold of Dino

4 first course Italian style servings
2 entrée sized servings

1# fresh pappardelle or ½ pound dry pappardelle
1# very ripe tomatoes
½ cup garlic cloves
¼ cup chopped parsley
8 large basil leaves cut into chiffonade
Salt & pepper

Core and chop tomatoes into ¾” to 1” cubes.  Place tomatoes and its juice into a bowl.  Sprinkle with a little salt, half the fresh garlic half the basil & parsley and a few grinds of black pepper.  Add ¼ cup olive oil, toss and keep in a warm spot for an hour. 

Boil the pasta in well salted water until al dente.  Heat a sauté pan large enough to hold all the pasta later.  When hot, film it with olive oil.  Add the fresh garlic and stir till aromatic {30 seconds or a minute}.  Add the tomato mix and the roasted garlic cloves.  Stir. 

Drain the pasta.  Reserve a tablespoon of the water.  Toss the pasta in the tomato mix, add the reserved pasta water.  Toss again and taste for salt and pepper.  Add as needed.  Let the pasta absorb the tomato juices for a minute over low heat.  Using tongs, place the pasta in warm pasta bowls.  Top with the tomato & garlic mix.  Sprinkle with the remaining basil and parsley.  Traditionally served without adding cheese. 

Garlic Cloves Roasted in Oil

1 cup peeled whole garlic cloves
Olive oil to cover

Heat the garlic over medium heat in the oil until it starts to bubble.  Stir.  Keep stirring every few minutes until the cloves are golden, soft and have lost their sharpness and are starting to get sweet.  Remove from heat and let cool.  This can also be done in a 300 degree oven.

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