Thursday, February 10, 2011

Review: Mandu--My Little Dumpling

Photos by Emily Clack

Initial Thoughts:

Photo by Emily Clack
  • Design and Decor:  Sexy and Sheik
  • Food:  Delicious Korean Dishes
  • Drink:  Smooth Korean Cocktails including the Sojutinis
  • Service:  Great
  • Would I go back?  Yes.

In January 2011, Mandu expanded to another location at the City Vista building in the Mount Vernon Triangle neighborhood.  I was excited to try my first Korean restaurant.  Em and I went there mid-day on the weekend and the lighting was absolutely beautiful for the photos.  We ending up eating all of our meals for the day there (brunch and dinner) and trying some delightful cocktails including a Korean Bloddy Mary and the Aloe Sojutini. 
Photo by Emily Clack
We started out with this awesome pickled vegetable platter (Korean style).  It reminded me of the holidays at home, but with much more heat.  Then we were comforted with the 6 dumplings with shrimp, beef and veggies.  So good.  (A must-order at Mandu)  Danny recommended that we try the Korean brunch plate with steak and eggs, gimbap, Korean omelet, chive pancakes, Korean-style hash-browns and marinated chicken.  It was one of the most unique brunch plates I've tried and each part was tasty.  It was so good that we convinced the table next to us to try it too.
Next, Danny brought out the dolsot bibim bap in a sizzling stone bowl with assorted vegetables, beef and a fried egg on top with a spicy bean past on the side.  The bowl was so hot that it actually caramelizes the vegetables and the yolk thickens as you mix everything together.  For dessert we had the best tea-flavored gelato and pear sorbet provided to the restaurant through Boccato Gelato and Expresso.

Overall, the meal was delicious.  The Lee family will make you feel like home.  We'll be back again soon.  I'm looking forward to trying the Dupont location.
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Kristen Finn said...

great photos! Sounds like I'll have to try it.

Capital Cooking said...

Thanks Kristen. Yeah, it was really good. They have one restaurant in Chinatown and one in Dupont.