Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Judging Food and Fun in Iceland: Seafood Cellar

Our second destination for judging the Food and Fun competition in Iceland led us the Seafood Cellar with Chef Even Ramsvik from Norway.
At the Seafood Cellar the New Nordic kitchen is in the forefront. It's a seasonal restaurant that worships everything that the Icelandic nature has to offer, as well as using a few things from Scandinavia. Their policy is to only use the freshest ingredients nature has to bring.

 Chef Even started us off with sea urchin and seaweed.
Next we tried the salmon with salmon and oyster tartar, Norwegian flat bread, cucumber, horseradish and seaweed, smoked lojrom vinaigrette and sorrel ponzu espuma.  I loved the crunch from the flat bread. 
Then we tried the Icelandic cod with roe 'n rye brandade, beef tongue, Jerusalem artichokes, smoked oil and veal bouillon.

The hosting chef surprised us with a treat not on the menu with mussels and granulated lobster.
Chef Even showcased lamb and crispy sweetbread, beetroots, and beetroot gnocchi with mushrooms, lardo gremolata oil and lamb jus.
We got our first taste of the deconstructed carrot cake.
All of the judges were quite pleased with the meal and agreed it was our favorite so far.  More to come...

Photos by Emily Clack

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